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Feng Shui North 2019

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Flying Stars North 2019



Peach Blossom & Tai Yang location


After experiencing a series of unpredictable development and hardship in 2018, those who live in properties with the main entrance in North can look forward to a much better year! Unlike the previous year, the Pig year of 2019 will bring them opportunities to be with others, travel more or – change the residence, if this is what interest them.


In 2019, they will be under the influence of the Peach Blossom Star, which improves social life of the residents. Since the Peach Blossom is also the sign of romance, you can sleep in North in order to improve your love luck and increase romantic opportunities; if sleeping in North is not possible, then you can move your bed to the North area of your bedroom. Moving the bed to the North will also benefit the couples who want to aid more romance to their relationship.


Since the energy in the North is also favorable for education and academic pursuits, the writers, teachers,  students and those who want to improve their academic achievements might also want to place their desk in the Northern part of a room or a home office. In 2019, spending time and/or facing North is also favorable for those in creative industries and everyone in search of inspiration.


*Since North 2 is also the annual location of the auspicious star Tai Yang, spend time here or move your desk to North 2 in order to improve your luck!


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