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Feng Shui vs. health in 2021


In Feng Shui, there are two ways that we typically address health.

The first one boils down to avoiding certain locations, particularly those occupied by the Stars 2 and 5. This is essential for everyone with a weak constitution and chronic health issues, but also pregnant women and the elderly.

The second way we use Feng Shui regarding health is to find the locations that can support and strengthen health. The simplest and yet most effective way to benefit from such locations can be reduced to a simple recipe: spend more time there.

However, the best way to make use of locations favorable for health is to sleep there.

The reason for this advice is that, since the place where we sleep influences our health the most, we would ideally want to place our bed in positive  locations, while avoiding negative ones.


In the year of 2021, the worst locations for health are:

– North

– Southeast


As such, if your health is not very strong, make sure to avoid sleeping in these two locations of your home. However, if changing rooms/locations is not possible, the least one can do for one’s own health is to move the bed from the North or Southeast section of the bedroom.

Following Feng Shui advice for health is particularly important for those who have the Rat, Rabbit, Ox or Goat in their Ba Zi chart, because they might be more susceptible to health issues in 2021. Make sure to check your Ba Zi chart for these Zodiac signs and if you have them in any of the four columns of your Ba Zi chart (particularly Rat), be sure to find the best possible location for your bed!

But what about good locations for health in 2021?

Are there any?

Feng Shui vs. health in 2021
Feng Shui vs. health in 2021

Luckily, there are two great areas for health in the Year of the Metal Ox:

– Northeast

– West


Sleep or spend time in these locations to strengthen your health, increase your energy and speed up recovery.

If it is not possible for you to place your bed in either of these two locations, then just move your bed to the Northeast or West side of your bedroom. If this is also not possible, the least you can do to connect with these energies and aid your health is to spend time in related locations; you can read, sit, watch videos, work, do Yoga, meditate etc.

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