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Feng Shui for April 2020

Feng Shui for April 2020

The notorious Star Wu Huang, which causes global disasters and pandemics, moved to Southeast in April. At this time, the strength of the pandemic slowly decreased because the Wood of the Southeast is weaker and more Yin in nature then the Wood of the East.

However, although the symptoms may not be as strong and the method of containment could start working, the spread of the virus continues. This is happening because the Element Yin Wood, which rules over Southeast, is also known for its fast spread (it is represented by weeds which spread quickly).

The most important piece of advice for April regarding health is that you should stay away from Southeast and North in your home, especially if your Ba Zi chart contains Rabbit, Dog, or Ox.

Feng Shui for April 2020


April 2020 – Dragon month

April is a Dragon month and it starts on April 4 and ends with May 5; this is the exact time span for using monthly Flying Stars in April.

For wealth, spent time in West, especially if your Gua is 4 or 3.

For romantic opportunities, sleep or spend time in South or East.

If you want to travel more, then South is the best choice.

To recover / strengthen your health, sleep or spend time in Northeast and West.

To prevent obstacles and setbacks, do avoid renovations in South (San Sha), NW1 (Month Breaker) and Southeast (Star 5).

feng shui for april 2020


April 2020 in brief

Season: Spring

Starts: April 4

Ends: May 5

Main Element: Earth

Flying Star in the center: 6


Dates for Feng Shui activations

April 11, 11.30 am, West 2 and Southeast 1, for energy, personal fulfillment & wealth opportunities (not for those who have Tiger in their Ba Zi chart).

April 24, 7.30 pm, Southwest 1 + West 2, for energy, activity, optimism & wealth opportunities (not for those who have Rabbit in their Ba Zi chart).

To calculate your Ba Zi chart (free), click here.


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