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Feng Shui Consultations – Testimonials

Feng Shui Consultations - Testimonials

Testimonial 1

″I had my first consultation with Althea several years ago. It was a consultation for the apartment I lived in with my son. Everything went well afterwards – my health improved and my life generally got better.

After some time, an opportunity appeared for me to start my own business and I called Althea to check a few available options for my future clothing factory.

I finally chose to rent a property that was already being used for the same purpose, but the previous owner failed to achieve any degree of success.

However, after consulting with Althea I figured out how to change the organization of the business in order to improve the flow of energy and get the results I wanted.
She suggested I avoid using the entrance in North East (because it was not ‘timely’) and to instead make a storage area there. This turned out to be a great idea because of the proximity to the main gate.

The previous owners used this entrance on a regular basis, and were also taking finished goods all the way to the upper floor and then they had to take them all the way back down for loading. What a waste of a time and energy!

I was really amazed by the simplicity of the solutions that I was given in the consultation, together with the explanations that were completely rational and all part of the normal function of business.

Althea offered me a couple of solutions for the best placement of my desk, together with options for possible facing directions.

After spending a while in the new setup, I can tell you that my business is really getting stronger and stronger – to the extent that I can no longer accept all the orders that come through!″


Testimonial 2

″I did my first Feng Shui consultation with Althea few years ago for my family house. I really wanted to try Classical Feng Shui as I had some serious issues with my health and even had to undergo serious surgery at one point. Back at that time I was really feeling weak, both physically and mentally.

In my Feng Shui consultation with Althea ST, it was pointed out to me that I was sleeping in a very bad location and that even my sleeping direction was not conductive to my health. It was really easy to move the bed to a different area of the master bedroom and it was not hard at all to turn the bed 90 degrees to the previous placement, for I was still sleeping against the wall.

After some time I really started to feel better, both physically (more energy) and mentally (I felt stronger). I also have to say that this change didn’t happen overnight, but instead all the improvements happened gradually.

For me, all this was a very interesting process to go through and I was really satisfied with the results.

Based on my own example, I would say that improvements are possible and I would really like to recommend Althea for Feng Shui Consultations!″


Testimonial 3

″I came to Althea because I wanted to expand my business and was considering renting a shop in a mall.

I had already come up with the idea of the shop I wanted to rent, but she really explained me why this shop had been unsuccessful for the previous owners (which I did not tell her about).

I was kind of surprised at how normal our conversation was and how sound her explanations were. We discussed two possible solutions for the shop and she patiently, and in a very clear manner, explained how I could improve the business by placing the entrance on the other side.

I must say, that the new placement of the door (aside from matching my personal Feng Shui data) was completely logical, because it turned out that the customers naturally go that way anyway, following the flow of the energy.″


Testimonial 4

″I am a business owner and my main profits come from selling products from one large corporation. I heard about Feng Shui recently from a friend and I found Althea online.

I hired her to help me design the interior of my new office building, and to find the best areas for my office, main gate, laboratory and storage area. When the architects, prior to my consultation with Althea, suggested solutions for the main entrances, it really was a matter of guesswork.

Whereas all the Feng Shui solutions came with a feeling of sense, supporting me as the owner, and providing the best set-up for the business…

At one point, my plan was to rent out part of the property (since it is a very big space), and she suggested I try Xuan Kong and place some water outside, in relation to the main entrance.

Unbelievably, a few days afterwards, one of the representatives of one of the big grocery stores came to me just like that, and asked if they could rent part of my property!″


Testimonial 5

“My husband was a very successful CEO for many years. Then suddenly he was fired, because the company he was working for had fallen into serious trouble.

He was searching for a new job for more than two years, but without any success. Our lifestyle had really declined in the meantime, as we had been heavily relying on his good salary.
I approached Althea for a Feng Shui consultation for our apartment and she suggested a change of both the bed placement and sleeping direction.

She also suggested some additional activations that could help my husband and we took it on board because we were really desperate at the time.
Both my husband and I were amazed by the results, when the very next day after the activation he received a phone call from the management of one large company in his industry.

He was offered a well paid job, accompanied by a high ranking position in this multinational firm. He is still working there and we are both really satisfied with his job!”

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