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Feng Shui and travels in 2022

Travels are important, not only for business, but also for our personal growth.


Feng Shui and travels in 2022


The two locations that encourage travels in 2022 are:

  • Southwest 3

  • South 2


The simplest way to get in touch with these energies is to spend more time in these locations.

However, you can also activate them with water, on an auspicious date and time.


Feng Shui for 2020 (8)

Flying Star for Authority


For those who want to tap into the energy of power and authority, the right locations in 2020 are:



Southeast is the best location for those who want to establish themselves as an authority and leader in what they do. To connect with this energy, move your desk into the Southeast area of your office. West and Southwest are also good for leadership, although these two sectors tend to come with more tension and fight.


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