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Feng Shui and sleeping in 2022

A good night’s sleep is essential for our health, energy, and overall success.

However, sleep is not only about rest – rather it is also about resetting and replenishing the body.

To achieve all these, we need to sleep in a healthy location, because our bodies absorb the energy of the place where we sleep.


Feng Shui and sleeping in 2022

Bad locations for sleeping in 2022 are:

  • Southwest (health, worries)

  • Northeast 1 (health)

  • East (anxiety)

For a good night’s sleep in 2022, make sure to avoid sleeping in bad locations, like Southwest, or Northeast 1.

Also, those with chronic health conditions and those recovering from covid-19 should definitely NOT sleep in Southwest and Northeast 1.

In 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger, sleeping in the East can increase anxiety levels, so this is not an ideal solution for those who already suffer from sleep disturbances and tend to worry and overthink everything.


For peaceful sleep in 2022, place your bed in the following locations:

  • Northwest

  • Southeast

  • South


You can’t go wrong if you position your bed in the Southeast or Northwest of your property or bedroom. Both southeast and Northwest will supply you with calming energy, which will work great for overworked and stressed individuals.

Sleeping in the Southeast has one more benefit: it will work well to positively influence romance.

Sleeping in South will provide you not only with energy, but also with enthusiasm, improving your mood and restoring lost hope.


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Feng Shui and sleeping in 2022

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