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Feng Shui and relationships in 2022

Whether we like it or not, certain years deliver more relationship issues than others.

Feng Shui and relationships in 2022

At these times, one could be dealing with impossible situations, heavy demands, manipulation, and opposition. Moreover, during such years others may be tempted to betray us, but also to take advantage of our hopes, efforts and hard work.

The negative locations in your home for relationship luck in 2022 are:

  • Southeast 3

  • North 2

  • Southwest 3

When it comes to Ba Zi astrology, those who have the Tiger, Monkey, Rat, Dragon, or Snake in their Ba Zi chart (especially in the day column) can attract more negative relationship issues in 2022. If this happens to you, you would be best advised to stay away from North 2, Southwest 3 and Southeast 3, because triggering the energy of these areas increases the possibility of facing opposition and attracting disputes in 2022.


As Southwest 3 is a directional area that can make people irritable and tense, it is not suitable for individuals who tend to snap easily. In addition, activating this location can bring conflicts into our life.

On the other hand, when it comes to locations that can help our relationships, the first to mention is East 2.

Be sure to spend time here in order to improve your relationships and receive support and help.


Feng Shui and relationships in 2022

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