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Feng Shui and hardship in 2021

Feng Shui and hardship in 2021

Although it is true that we can learn a lot about life, ourselves and others by enduring hard times, why wouldn’t we want to ease our learning?

The good news is that we can use Feng Shui to minimize the impact of obstacles and hardship in 2021. This is particularly important for those who have the Dragon, Horse or Goat in their Ba Zi chart, their Chinese horoscope.

If you have one of these three Zodiac signs in the day column of your Ba Zi chart, you can count on your share of hardship in 2021. Although you should be ready to face an uneasy year, make sure to employ Feng Shui, which can help reduce the possible harm inflicted.

The locations of obstacles and hardship in 2021 are:

  • Southeast

  • Northeast 1

  • East 2

  • North

Feng Shui and hardship in 2021
Feng Shui and hardship in 2021


If you are not willing to deal with delays and problems, Southeast is the first area to avoid in 2021. Do not sleep or spend time there, and do not renovate the Southeastern part of your home, especially if you have the Goat, Dragon or Horse in the day or year column of your Ba Zi chart. If Southeast is an active area of your place of residence, don’t forget to place a salt cure there by the end of January 2021.

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When it comes to renovations in 2021, it is important not to disturb the Southeast, but also Southwest 1, Northeast 1, East 2, Southeast 1 and Northeast 3 (this can only save you from experiencing trouble).

Furthermore, digging in these locations around the exterior of your home – as with renovating the interior – can trigger energies that could bring uncomfortable situations, delays and other problems. Unfortunately, having a main entrance or gate in these areas can also awaken some portion of bad luck…

Regarding the directions, make sure not to face Northeast 1, because this direction can make everything harder for you.

Nevertheless, if you do trigger some of the aforementioned negative locations accidentally, make sure to activate one of the four special locations, because this will serve to neutralize the negative impact!


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