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Feng Shui and four special locations in 2021

Feng Shui and four special locations in 2021

Knowledge of the four special locations has long been a well-kept secret of Feng Shui.

Only experienced practitioners traditionally knew how to find them and how to exploit their potentials.

Today, however, everyone can make use of these four locations.

The four special locations in 2021 are:

  • Southeast 1

  • Northwest 1

  • Northeast 3

  • Southwest 3

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The first location, Southeast 1, is not suitable for activation in 2021, because this will also awaken the notorious Star 5, known for bringing  hardship. It is therefore better to forget about this special location in 2021, especially if you have the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Dragon or Dog in your Ba Zi astrology chart. When it comes to Northeast 3, it is ideal for getting help and dissolving negative energy; thus, if you want to reset the energy of your home, perform a space clearing exercise from the Northeast 3 location ( However, be mindful that this area is also the seat of the Robbery Sha in 2021, which implies losses if activated.

Northwest 1 is a great area for those wishing for personal growth and seeking happiness and fulfillment in life. In order to benefit from this Star, activate this area with a gong, bells or a singing bowl. Finally, Southwest 3 is the location that can help when it comes to improving wealth luck. Activate it with water to clear your path and boost your career and finances.

Make sure to read the following posts to learn more about activation and pick up some other great locations to activate in 2021!

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