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Feng Shui 2021

Feng Shui 2021

Each new year brings different energies to the eight locations of our homes.

The cause of these changes are the annual Stars, that affect distinctively certain parts of our space – and subsequently related aspects of our life or business. Some of these changes benefit the residents, while the others can bring delays and hardship; also, certain residents are always affected more than the others, for better or for worse.  

The strength of the annual Stars, both good and bad, depends on two things:

  • The environment
  • The ways one uses own space


When it comes to environment, regardless of whether we live in a house or an apartment building, we are still influenced by the landscape and a view. For example, when there is a pleasant and unobstructed view from the East (accompanied with a huge window), one’s property will be under stronger influence of the auspicious Star that lands in East in 2021. But when there is a mountain, a huge building or a tree that blocks the view and limits the light, then the influence of the auspicious Star will be diminished…

In addition, the strength of certain Stars also depends on how busy the location is; the busiest the location, the stronger impact of the Star. Thus, when the Star lands at busy areas like the main entrance or the living room, its influence will get stronger (good or bad).

On the other hand, the lesser influence of the Stars can be expected in closed spaces like utility, storage, unused and locked rooms, etc. Although this may seem like disadvantageous feature (decreasing the influence of the good Stars), it can work well for the residents during the course of the years when these locations are affected by malevolent annual Stars…

Feng Shui 2021
Feng Shui 2021

Feng Shui can help us to use our space better

The rule of thumb when it comes to Feng Shui and Flying Stars is that the good Stars bring good luck, while the bad Stars bring bad luck.

Annual Feng Shui is about being aware of such influences, both good and bad, since these affect not only specific parts of our space, but also areas of our life.

Besides evaluating one’s environment and floor plan, in the (real) Feng Shui practice we also care to take a look at person’s Ba Zi astrology chart. This enables us to understand who will be the most affected amongst the residents, both by good and bad Stars. Once we have all relevant information,  we can start planning on how to use our space – to minimize the bad influences and maximize the good ones!

When it comes to one’s Feng Shui and Ba Zi (your Chinese horoscope), these are connected in such a way that in 2021 one has to pay special attention to their home’s Feng Shui, if:

  • A person was born in autumn or winter months, when the Fire Element is very weak in their chart
  • A person has Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Ox, Dog or Goat somewhere in their Ba Zi chart (in the year, month, day, or hour pillar)

Since Ba Zi shows predispositions while Feng Shui is about timing and realization, if a person has Ox, Goat, Rat, Rabbit, Horse or Dog in their Ba Zi chart AND their front door is placed in Southeast, then one should plan using the space very carefully. In addition, if one’s Ba Zi chart contains two of the four previously mentioned Chinese Zodiac signs, plus their health is not very strong, then they should definitely avoid sleeping in North (continue reading to learn more).


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