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Feng Shui for 2020 (4): Flying Star for Romance

Feng Shui for 2020 (4)

Flying Star for Romance

 Whether single or committed, we all need romance in our life.With annual Feng Shui tips, you can plan how to use your space to benefit your love life. 

The best areas for romance in 2020 are:

SOUTHWEST (for all)NORTHEAST (better for males)SOUTHEAST (for all)WEST (better for females) If you’re single or just want more romance, move your bed to the Southwest room – or to the Southwest part of your bedroom!Since Southeast is also a great location for all those who look for romance, you could also move your bed to this location of the home (or bedroom) in 2020.When it comes to the best locations for single females, they can benefit from moving their beds to Southeast (spouse, soul mate) or West (significant other), just as males can improve their love life by sleeping in Northeast

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What do we really know about Love?

What does Chinese Astrology has to say about your Self and the ways it loves?

How about your Love Luck? 


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