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A Course in Chinese Astrology, from the Glossary (F)

Favorable God

This expression usually refers to the most favorable element, regardless of its presence in the chart.

Fighting to Combine

In certain cases, two or three Branches might want to combine into the same Branch, creating a scenario of competition.

Fire Frame Branches

When they meet each other, Fire Frame Branches produce Fire Element. Fire gives people more passion and ambition and these people tend to be pro-active in achieving their goals. The Fire Frame Branches are: Tiger, Horse and Dog.

Five Types of Luck

Also known as the Five Gods, the five basic types of luck are: Friend, Expression, Wealth, Power and Resource.

Althea Feng Shui post-min

Four Growths

The Four Growths – or Four Traveling Horses – refer to the four Earth Branches that grow the seasonal Qi. Tiger grows Fire, Snake grows Metal, Monkey grows Water and Pig grows Wood. Growth Star people are good starters, full of energy, activity and creativity.