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Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology – Ba Zi

Life of the each individual is special and unique and the task of Chinese Astrology is to decipher that uniqueness.

Chinese Astrology is about assessing the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) of one’s Four Pillars chart – because they define person’s destiny and shape their luck.

In addition, the Five Elements show an individual’s basic potentials and who might one eventually become.

They also point out to the good and bad timing and important lessons to be learnt.


Tough it is not carved in stone, destiny always directs people towards certain happenings and brings very specific lectures.

Destiny comes hand in hand with luck, which works on us in 10-year Luck Cycles.

Each Luck Cycle opens or closes different doors for us, bringing surprises or facing us with already well-known issues


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Chinese astrology Ba Zi


The Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches of Chinese astrology

The Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches are very important concepts in Chinese astrology Ba Zi.

The Ten Stems are actually the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) in Yin/Yang polarity, while the Twelve Branches are also known as Chinese Zodiac signs.


To read about Ten Stems and Twelve Branches, click here.


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The Four Pillars of your Ba Zi astrology chart

Ba Zi means ”Eight Characters”.

Eight characters are actually the Five Elements, arranged into four pillars.

Each pillar consist of the Stem (the Five Elements) and the Branch (Chinese Zodiac sign, also has its very own Elements).


To understand your life path, you have to calculate your very own Four Pillars astrology chart.

Once you have your chart in front of you, you will notice that it consists from four pillars (hour, day, month and year).


Each pillar represents certain aspect of your life: ar pillar represents wider surroundings, month represents career, day is about you and your personal life, while the hour pillar tells about the children…

Althea Feng Shui 4-Pilars-meaning



The importance of your Self

Your Self is the most important element of your Ba Zi Chinese astrology chart.


Althea Feng Shui Ba-Zi-chart-Self

Every reading starts with your Self, because everything that happens – happens to Self.

There are ten Selves – and one of these ten is – yours.



Internal and external dynamics of the chart 

Every Ba Zi chart has its own dynamic, which is created by the interactions between the Stems and Branches.

The example of these dynamics is the appearance of Combinations, Clashes, Harms, Destructions and Punishments.


While Combinations typically enhance our social life, Clashes bring changes, etc.

(to read more, refer to Althea’s awarded Chinese astrology book, or Kindle Chinese Astrology for Beginners)


Besides the internal dynamics appearing inside Four Pillars, there is also external dynamics coming to us in 10-years Luck Cycles.

An evaluation of the current Luck Cycle may indicate certain important matters, guiding a person on how to get the most out of the current moment – and events in the future.


It can often be the case that certain paths are closed to a particular individual at a specific time, while other paths are open, offering different opportunities, but leading to the same level of fulfillment and happiness.

Knowing more about our Luck is the basis of great accomplishments as it reveals the best choices, timing and other such important information.


Destiny & Luck

Chinese astrology Glossary

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