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Chinese Astrology Certification Courses

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” – Wilbur Wright

(Ba Zi – Four Pillars)

The Four Pillars Chinese Astrology, or Ba Zi, is a deep inquiry into life and existence as well as a good method to help understand crucial life lessons. The Four Pillars contain an individual’s life, right from its beginning up to its very end. All that a person gets from life – separated into two sides, with skills and potentials arranged on one side and inhibitions and vices arranged on the other – can be seen in that person’s Four pillars chart. In the course of completing Chinese Astrology Certification Course, you will be taught how to differentiate between the destiny and luck, discern specific problems and challenges with a person’s health, love, and relationships, career and wealth – so as to discover and apply the best possible solutions to these challenges.
Individuals can learn about Chinese astrology in several ways e.g. from teachers, schools, online etc.
Althea’s Four Pillars (Ba Zi) Chinese Astrology Courses are important and useful for people who aim to impart the knowledge into other people too as well as for anyone seeking to add an important and effective diagnostic tool as part of their life, home, career or business e.g. HRs, therapists, counsellors, life and business coaches etc. With the program occurring in different steps – Basic, Advanced, Practitioner, and Mastery-, learners will be able to understand destiny, zodiac signs and how time influences life through luck cycles. Through this training, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and perfect the best ways to advice clients and you’ll also learn how to meet up with clients based on their Chinese Astrology chart readings. You will also have access to powerful tools to be used in preparing for both internal and external changes, so as to make use of any opportunities they present. These studies can also help you reconnect to life and get in touch with nature’s rhythm, giving you the ability to train others on how to go through important and sensitive times of their lives.
Sign up for Althea’s Chinese Astrology studies to become a learned teacher and a trusted consultant and expert. In addition, after completing this course, you can choose an area of specialization based on your own chart meaning which implies that you can be a consultant to CEOs and business owners or become a health/relationship assessment expert.
You can choose to study Chinese Astrology in small, close-knit groups or have private sessions with Althea on Skype or FaceTime.

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