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Chinese Astrology Ba Zi Consultations

Does the uncertain frighten you?

In life, there are so many lessons to learn. Life can take us down so many physical, mental, and emotional avenues – all brimming with uncertain risks. Self-knowledge is essential for an individual’s health, balance, and relationships. By acknowledging the Patterns of Life and all its signs and recurring events, they can guide us to be the best version of ourselves. Having the right information and applying it when the time is right is a vital difference between success and failure.

At Althea S.T. Consultants, there are various professional consultations and types of Four Pillars (also known as Ba Zi) Chinese astrology readings provided by the author of the bestselling Chinese Astrology book Althea S.T., who is on hand to help you achieve the best results in life and business ventures!

Astrology Consultations

Life Ba Zi Astrology Readings (Life Consultations)

Your life is one of a kind, completely unique.

With a thoroughly professional Chinese Astrologer, you’ll get a complete overview of your health, love, relationships to career and wealth. In these sessions, they will tell you the difference between inherited and acquired Qi, along with the importance of the 10-year luck cycles and how they influence your life.

You can achieve the best insight into what life places in your life and be capable of opening doors and crossing paths that had previously been closed off to you.

Business Ba Zi Consultations

How much of a risk are you willing to take?

Business is an aspect of life that is continuously fraught with danger and risk.

Every day presents new challenges, new clients, and transactions. In our business-centric consultations, you can receive insight into your wealth potentials, business expansions, investment prospects and the value of timing.

In these consultations, a dedicated Chinese Astrologer can help you identify your business and establish long-term and short-term goals. From this, you can expand your knowledge of investment, properties, currencies and modern industries.

Annual Ba Zi Consultations

Every year brings a clean slate – as well as a new set of challenges.

For business people, in particular, these consultations can help you calculate a strategy (up to three years) to help nurture your company and build it up to its full potential.

For more personal consultations, you get the opportunity to channel energies into different paths explicitly tailored to your readings on health, love luck and the lessons that the coming year will have in store for you – so you are prepared to face them head on!


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