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Feng Shui and investments in 2022

Regarding Ba Zi, be careful with investments in 2022, particularly if you have the Tiger, Monkey, Rat, Dragon, or Goat in your chart ( ); and even more so if your main entrance is positioned in the Southwest 3 or Northeast 3 of your home. In such a scenario, make sure to find a good location for your desk within your home office and do not settle for another personal direction than Sheng Qi!

Feng Shui and sleeping in 2022

For a good night’s sleep in 2022, make sure to avoid sleeping in bad locations, like Southwest, or Northeast 1. Also, those with chronic health conditions and those recovering from covid-19 should definitely NOT sleep in Southwest and Northeast 1. In 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger, sleeping in the East can increase anxiety levels, so this is not an ideal solution for those who already suffer from sleep disturbances and tend to worry and overthink everything.

Feng Shui and academics in 2022

Great locations for academics in 2022:

Northeast 3
In 2022, Southeast is a great location for studies in general, but also for writing and getting help along the way.

Feng Shui and travels in 2022

The two locations that encourage travels in 2022 are:
Southwest 3
South 2

The simplest way to get in touch with these energies is to spend more time in these locations.
However, you can also activate them with water, on an auspicious date and time.

Feng Shui and your career in 2022

Bearing in mind that different Stars support different industries, you can choose a location for your desk based on the industry in which you are engaged. For example, if your career is in academia, research, or science, then you can benefit the most from placing your desk in the Southeast (of your property, but also of your home study or office). When it comes to South, it is a great area for acquiring popularity and fame in 2022.