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Feng Shui for May 2020

Feng Shui for May 2020

In May, the emperor of pandemics, Star 5, moves from Southeast to the center, where its energy is more settled. Hence, its influence is not going to be as fierce as it could be. The most important Feng Shui advice for May regarding health is that you should stay away from Southwest, especially if your Ba Zi chart contains Pig or Tiger.

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Flying Stars in May 2020

May is a Snake month and it starts on May 5 and ends with June 5; this is the exact time span for using monthly Flying Stars in May.

For increasing wealth opportunities, spent time in Northeast or Southwest (properties). Northwest is good for leadership, while West is great for management and everything business related.

For romantic opportunities, sleep or spend time in Southeast. You can also activate the Southeast, by placing the vase filled with water here (you can keep it here for a couple of days).

To improve your luck and strengthen your health sleep or spend time in Northeast.

To prevent obstacles and setbacks, do avoid renovations in East (San Sha) and NW3 (Month Breaker).

May 2020 in brief

Season: Summer

Starts: May 5

Ends: June 5

Main Element: Fire

Flying Star in the center: 5


Dates for Feng Shui activations

May 24, 1.30 pm, Southeast 3 and/or Northeast 1, for wealth opportunities; for romance activate Southwest 3 (not for those who have Rooster in their Ba Zi chart).

May 27, 9,30 am, East 2 + Southeast 3 for wealth opportunities, people’s help and support and relationships in general (not for those who have Rat in their Ba Zi chart).

To calculate your Ba Zi chart (free), click here.


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