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Feng Shui and relationships in 2022

Whether we like it or not, certain years deliver more relationship issues than others.

Feng Shui and relationships in 2022

At these times, one could be dealing with impossible situations, heavy demands, manipulation, and opposition. Moreover, during such years others

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Feng Shui for romance in 2022

When it comes to romance, 2022 brings a couple of interesting locations:

– Southeast

– East 2


The king (or queen) of all romantic locations is definitely the Southeast – this a great area for everyone who wants to find

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Feng Shui for wealth in 2022

When it comes to wealth, you should have the following Feng Shui guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid renovating certain areas
  • Refrain from working from locations that attract bad luck and loss
  • Spend time in locations that support wealth
  • Activate special annual
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Feng Shui for health in 2022

In Feng Shui, there are two ways that we typically address health.

The first one boils down to avoiding certain locations, particularly those occupied by the Stars 2 and 5. This is essential for everyone with a weak constitution

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Monthly Flying Stars in 2022


For those who lead active life and/or have goals to accomplish and highly competitive business to run, we recommend following annual or monthly Flying Stars.

The general rule for ‘’Following the Stars’’ is that one should ‘’follow’’ annual Star 8

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