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Rabbit people – keen, tranquil and family oriented


Rabbit people – general characteristics

Most Rabbits are keen, tranquil and family oriented creatures.


They are typically friendly, kind and calm individuals, but they are also very private beings who won’t open up easily.  

In addition, Rabbits are known

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Tiger people – intelligent, proud and sharp



Tiger people – general characteristics

Tigers are competitive, brave, proud, sharp, self-reliant and resilient individuals.


They are also intelligent, alert, quick and enterprising people.

In addition, Tigers are also well known for their  restless nature and the need for 

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Five Elements

Five Elements

The Five Elements or Five Transformations are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The concept of the Five Elements is a further extension and refinement of the concepts of Qi, and Yin and Yang. It describes the

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