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Monkey people – social, fun & witty


Monkey people – general characteristics

Monkeys are very resourceful, intelligent and imaginative people.

They are also curious and clever creatures who are always up to something new. always take care primarily of their own interests.


Monkeys are  inventive,

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Goat people – sensitive, caring and flexible


Goat people –  general characteristics

Goats are sensitive, caring and flexible creatures.

They are able to surrender and peacefully go with a flow, adapting to the changes along the way.


Their basic personality is sociable and friendly,

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Snake people – intelligent, keen and intuitive


Snake people –  general characteristics

Snakes are intelligent, keen and very intuitive people.


They are also graceful, refined and attractive creatures who carry the aura of mystery and intrigue.

Snakes are blessed with powerful mind and ability

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Dragon people – strong and determined


Dragon people –  general characteristics

Dragons are well known as strong and determined individuals and natural born leaders.

They are also bold, brave and active people, who don’t like to wait or rely on others.

In such a way,

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