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Business Consultations

Business Ba Zi Consultation
Business Ba Zi Consultation


Business Ba Zi Consultation

A Business Consultation looks at your options for wealth and business.

In this consultation, Althea will help you to understand the current moment and the possible implications of your decisions.

Furthermore, you will also learn more about the upcoming changes in the internal (employee) and external (the market, clients and customers) world.

In a Business Ba Zi astrology consultation, you could discuss your plans and directions, get the support you need for strategy creation and receive practical guidance on the best areas to invest in.

In addition, this consultation will open your eyes to optimal timings, the most profitable industries for investments and the most likely outcomes of any decisions on new ventures and business expansion.

To schedule your business astrology consultation with Althea, send her an inquiry.

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Schedule your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi consultation, because in life, there are so many lessons to learn and so many ways to improve yourself and succeed!

We offer Life, Business and Annual Consultation.

Get amazing coaching skills based on actual knowledge. Decode one's Life Path and understand their abilities and limitations. Offer tailor-made solutions and advise about the right timing. And much more! Four levels, intense studies, certification program available. Flexible timing, studying in small groups (2-5 people).
Achieve amazing wisdom about life. Learn how to interpret the chart and anticipate the future developments in one's life. Help them reach their greatest potentials and become their best Self! Case Studies or certification program available (4 levels). Flexible timing, undivided attention.

Reveal the wealth potentials of your Self and find which wealthiest people share the Self with you. Learn about ten ways to acquire wealth in Chinese Astrology, discover your wealth luck in the next few years – and more!

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