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Ba Zi Consultation – improve your life

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology Consultations


Ba Zi Consultation involves understanding and improving your life and luck.

During a Ba Zi consultation you will find out what makes you who you are, what you can achieve in life and how to obtain it.


Ba Zi Consultation is about happiness, love, family, vitality, strength, fulfillment, well-being and wealth…  But it is also about achieving success by choosing the best timings and strategies for anything you do.



1. Life Ba Zi Consultation – general Life & Luck Reading

(available as a Skype session or as a written report)

This consultation involves a basic Ba Zi analysis (presenting the Ba Zi chart and a brief analysis of Self and character), plus an analysis of your wealth, health and relationships.

In this Consultation, you will be provided with all the relevant recommendations on how to make the most of your potentials, how to improve certain aspects of your life and how to maximize your luck both in the current Luck Cycle and specific years.

Everyone should at the very least allow themselves this consultation in order to be able to realize the dynamics that rule over their life and luck, to broaden their horizons and to learn when, how and what to do in order to make significant changes that will lead to success.

Life is too short to depend on randomness, especially when it is not difficult to learn how to become what you want to be.




2. Business Ba Zi Consultation

(available as a Skype session or as a written report)

This consultation involves a basic Ba Zi analysis (presenting the Ba Zi chart and a brief analysis of Self and character), evaluation of the strength of your personal Wealth Element and a review of the most profitable industries for you to be in.

Next, you will be provided with your most favorable years for investment in the existing Luck Cycle, followed by a review of the most productive months in the current year, allowing you to plan important activities such as campaigns, negotiations, new projects, overseas travel, vacations, etc.

An essential part of this consultation is the evaluation of external changes and the anticipation of possible crises; you will be also provided with all the relevant recommendations on how and when to grow and expand your business or when to simplify activities.

When it comes to Wealth, good luck pretty much depends on good planning, which is based on knowledge and information.

Calendar 2019
Calendar 2019



3. Annual Ba Zi astrology Consultation

(available as a Skype session or as a written report)

This consultation involves a basic Ba Zi analysis (presenting the Ba Zi chart, a brief analysis of Self and character), a brief overview of your health, wealth and relationships in the current Luck Cycle and an analysis of the influence of the current year, from the perspective of a timeline so you can be more aware of future developments.

Each year is specific and since it has its own elemental influences that can easily react with existing life dynamics, it can be wise to think ahead and learn more about the impact of certain years on your health, love, wealth, career, etc.


In this Consultation, you will be also provided with a short monthly overview, followed by all the relevant suggestions on how to use the opportunities at hand in order to achieve your goals!



Ba Zi support for Commercial Clients

(available as a Skype session or as a written report)

The content of this consultation depends solely on your needs and demands and it will follow your previously indicated objectives (as arranged in a preliminary meeting or via correspondence).

You might request an annual, two-year or three-year business projection, but you are also welcome to request recommendations on when, where and how to invest – in order to discern what is not worth your energy or your money.


During these Consultations, it is possible for us to anticipate crises and create a strategy to overcome your challenges and utilize existing potentials to their maximum.

Depending on your requirements, you may be also presented with both the strong and weak links in your business, as well as market trend projections for your products, etc.

We can also assist in the process of selecting new staff and possible relocation of existing staff into optimum positions enabling them to fully utilize their skills and improve efficiency…

To schedule your Chinese Astrology Consultation, please send an e-mail containing your DOB (Year, Month, Day and Hour), gender, delivery preferences (Skype/written) – and up to 3 specific questions.

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