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Annual and Monthly Stars in 2021

Annual and Monthly Stars in 2021

At the beginning of February each year, the energy in the nine locations of our property changes. In such a way, while certain locations become good or better than they were, some other areas become bad or worse. With annual Feng Shui knowledge, it is possible to plan how to use the space – to get control over life and/or business. The key to getting the most out of certain year is to use auspicious locations and avoid activating the bad ones.

The overall influence of the Stars at specific locations depend primarily on the nature of the Stars (good, bad or neutral). However, it also matters whether the location is active or passive, because the more active the area – the faster will Stars work.

Let’s see how the Annual and Monthly Flying Star chart for 2021 looks like!


Annual and monthly stars 2021

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What months should you be watchful for in 2021?

Certain months accentuate annual influences, meaning that both good and bad energies can intensify.

For example, June and October 2021 bring strong influence of the Star 5 to the Southeast, so you might want not to sleep or spend time in Southeast in these months.

In addition, since Star 5 is also extraordinarily strong in May and July, have this in mind when planning how to use your space!


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