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Annual Consultations

Get your annual consultations: Ba Zi and Feng Shui


Annual consultations are vital for anyone who knows the importance of being up-to-date with trends.

It’s also a great way to get a detailed analysis of the influence of each year.

It’s always worth knowing what each year has in store as well as getting a monthly overview, to help make realistic plans and utilize opportunities.


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Chinese Astrology Ba Zi teaches us that life is not only about who you are – but how to become your best Self.

Schedule your Life Ba Zi consultation, to get valuable insights into your destiny and luck, and to understand your health, relationships, career and wealth potentials.

Learn more about the present moment of your life/business and the right timing for making some important moves. 

Tune with the best flow of your life, to speed up your growth and capitalize your potentials…

A good way to find out about your property’s Feng Shui is to consult or hire a personal Feng Shui advisor to review it and offer customized solutions and packages.

We provide consultations for your Residential and Business property and also have special, tailor-made packages for Property Developers and Investors.

We also offer Annual Feng Shui consultations, with tailor-made property activation dates!

Reveal the wealth potentials of your Self and find which wealthiest people share the Self with you. Learn about ten ways to acquire wealth in Chinese Astrology, discover your wealth luck in the next few years – and more!

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